In addition to being fiscally sound, cost neutral, or revenue producing, a new program/major change must fit with the organization’s philosophy, vision, mission, and strategic plan. Describe with specific examples how your project fits in with your institution’s philosophy, vision, mission, and strategic plan.

Drawing upon your knowledge of various change theories and in particular the McKinsey Influence Model, how will you go about engaging stakeholders to adopt your proposal for change?


My proposed project involves scheduled assisted ambulation of patients with high fall rates, fall scores of 3 or greater, three times daily. The ambulation intervention would be scheduled at 11 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm. The purpose of this intervention is an attempt to decrease current fall rates. In reducing the fall rates, we would also decrease associated injuries. The mission of my facility is Making Communities Healthier. This intervention aims to retain patients’ health by preventing additional fall-associated injuries. 

Our Mission:

  • Making Communities Healthier

Patients and families choose medical facilities that protect their health and well-being and treat any ailments when given a choice. The assisted ambulation intervention effectively protects the patient’s baseline health status by preventing new injuries and correlating with the vision of our facility. 

Our Vision: We want to create places where:

  • People choose to come for healthcare,
  • Physicians want to practice, and
  • Employees want to work

We want to preserve our facility’s trustworthiness, and compassion for our patients. By utilizing the assisted ambulation intervention, we seek to protect our patients’ baseline mobility and fulfill a portion of our ethical duty. This aligns with the philosophy of our facility. 

Our Philosophy 

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