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Assignment Requirements

  1. Your course faculty will provide you with topic/s for the Week 2 Discussion Board. You will need to check the NR503 course Announcements for the topic/s document for this Week 2 Discussion Board regarding screening.
  2. Next, choose a diagnostic or screening method (related to your choice from the list of health issues above).  You may use one of the following web sites to locate a screening tool, a scholarly article, or a tool from a professional web site of your choice (for example, from the American Psychological Association). U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) SAMHSA-HRSA (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) 
  3. Reply to the following prompt:  
    • Describe the diagnostic or screening tool selected, its purpose, and what age group it targets.  
    • Has it been specifically tested in this age group?  
    • Next, discuss the predictive ability of the test. For instance, how do you know the test is reliable and valid? What are the reliability and validity values? What are the predictive values? Is it sensitive to measure what it has been developed to measure, for instance, HIV, or depression in older adults, or Lyme disease? Would you integrate this tool into your advanced practice based on the information you have read about the test, why or why not?
  4. You should include a minimum of two (2) scholarly articles from the last five (5) years (3 is recommended).  
  5. Respond to a minimum of two (2) individuals, peer and/or faculty, with a scholarly and reflective post of a minimum of two (2) paragraphs of 4-5 sentences. A minimum of one (1) scholarly article should be utilized to support the post in addition to your textbook.  
  6. Your work should have in-text citations integrating at a minimum one scholarly article and the course textbook. APA format should be utilized to include a reference list. Correct grammar, spelling, and APA should be adhered to when writing, work should be scholarly without personalization or first – person use.


Chapter 2, Exercise 2.4

Diabetes affects a growing number of Americans.  An APRN working in a local hospital is part of a collaborative of community agencies strategically addressing diabetes from a community perspective. 

  1. What social determinants of health should the community look at in relation to risk or incidence of diabetes?
  2. What resources could the APRN use to identify different outcomes related to diabetes?
  3. What outcomes related to diabetes are of most interest to community members?
  4. Using the AHRQ’s Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report Data Query (, what related national and state level data are available to the APRN?

First and foremost, the community should be looking at the social determinants that relate to health inequalities such as poverty, education level, racism, income level and poor housing.  Health inequalities such as these can lead to a person having a poorer quality of life, poor self-rated health, limited access to health-related resources, and ultimately even premature death (Cupp Curley, 2020, p. 30).  All these health inequalities can put a person at higher risk for diabetes.  The APRN should also consider the importance of psychosocial factors that come into play when addressing the social determinants of health as they relate to health equality.  Marmot, (2017) states that there are at least four ways that social determinants of health relate to a person’s health equality.  First, early child development and education sets a precedent for the context of the rest of the person’s life, influencing opportunities and choices, work, and social relationships.  Second, behaviors influence health, drug use, alcohol consumption, smoking, diet, and regular exercise.  Third, stress pathways to physical disease.  Lastly, fourth, mental illness can put a person at quite a social disadvantage…..Kindly click the purchase icon to access the full solution at $5

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