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Read the case study Patient Safety at Grand River Hospital & St. Mary’s General Hospital in your Learning Resources.

Conduct an analysis of the case and write a 10- to 12-page (excluding title page and references) report including:

  • Data analysis against benchmarks and national standards
  • Observations about where quality improvements are needed
  • Goals for initiatives that address those deficiencies/opportunities in quality
  • Outcomes that are anticipated in order to accomplish the initiatives
  • Appropriate time frames to re-evaluate data and provide a new analysis. Justify your response

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Case Study Patient Safety at Grand River Hospital & St. Mary’s General Hospital


As a healthcare organization, the safety of patients must be the forefront focus at all times. This is a similar case for Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s General Hospital. The hospitals focus on ensuring that patient safety is enhanced and the safety of patients is one of the goals of the healthcare organizations. İşci and Altuntaş (2019) depict that more than 10% of the issues of medical errors lead to the harming of patients. This leads to the death of patients. Along these lines, one of the health issues that leads to the harm of patients in the healthcare facility is the cases of medical errors. The discussion in this paper will focus on the information provided on Grand River Hospital & St. Mary’s General Hospital. The other thing discussed in the paper is the assessment of the observation on the quality improvements that should be taken into consideration and the goals that are intended to be met in each initiative. There will be a discussion as well on the expected outcome on the implementation of appropriate measures for the evaluation of data and the production of the new analysis.

Definition of Patient Safety

Patient safety is a healthcare improvement process that is expected to help in the enhancement of healthcare quality and the implementation of appropriate approaches for concrete solutions to improve the quality of care. The focus that is mainly put in place is on the process of care delivery of patients to ensure that any cases of medical errors can be avoided. This is as well important in ensuring that there is an elimination of any mistakes.

Kim et al. (2019) allude that the implementation of new measures of change is expected to be carried out in a measure that allows for the safety and professional measures for better health. This is an important process as well for the process of handling the cases of safety and the professional operations that are taken into consideration. This is as well an important process for ensuring that one can be able to handle the challenges of safety and prevention of any health challenges.

Data analysis against benchmarks and national standards

Grand River Hospital is located in Canada and is among the largest healthcare facilities in Ontario. As per the information provided in the case study Grand River Hospital has more than 3500 staff that are working in ensuring that there is the provision of services for 24 hours every day. The staff help in the provision of innovation, collaboration, and management of the resources available in the process of provision of care.

The information provided in the case study shows that more than 23,391 patients got an admission to the healthcare facility with more than 12,671 patients receiving surgery daily in the hospital. The number of emergency visits to the hospital is presented in the case are 58,596 and the ambulatory visits are made up of 210,557 patients (Cuaj, 2019). Thus, it is evident that the hospital is among the busiest in the community.

At the Grand River Hospital, there has been a development of a grand framework that is intended to enhance the quality and safety of care for patients. The framework includes the patient and safety committee, the senior quality teams, clinical programs, and the counsel that plays a role in quality assurance for operation in the healthcare facility. This allows for the enhancement of accountability in the process of provision of healthcare services.

The hospital as well has ensured that there is the use of benchmark indicators that play a role in the assessment of the performance and track progress concerning the process of care for patients. This is expected to help in the enhancement of the apriority of care, patient safety, and enhancement in the quality of patient care. The hospital got standards approval from the Canadian Health Standard Organization.

St. Mary’s General Hospital on the other hand has been an instrumental healthcare facility in the community since 1924. The hospital is found in the Kitchener community and the hospital at the moment has more than 200 staff and volunteers that help in the provision of services to more than 7000 patients who are admitted. There are more than 100,000 outpatient visits and there are more than 47,000 emergency visits and more than 200,000 surgical procedures are undertaken each day…..


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