From recent census data, it is discovered that the proportion of the adults in the United States who are first generation Americans is 14%.  For a random sample of size 500, what is standard deviation for the sampling distribution of the sample proportions, rounded to three decimal places?

Provide your answer below:


Given the population proportion p=14%=0.14 and a sample size of n=500, the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of sample proportions is



A marketing team is targeting people who might buy a hybrid car. In their city, with a population of 30,000 people, 3,170 people either drive a hybrid car or have indicated on a recent survey that they would be interested in driving one. 

Find the population proportion, as well as the mean and standard deviation of the sampling distribution for samples of size n=121.

Round all answers to 3 decimal places.

Ans. The population proportion is _______________

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