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Question 1

Grinnell says that above all else, the scientists he knows want:

  1. grants
  2. intellectual credit
  3. financial credit
  4. an industry job

Question 2

Plato claimed that:

  1. all facts are socially constructed
  2. experience is the foundation of knowledge
  3. discovery is impossible
  4. paradigms are always shifting

Question 3

In the context of this course, a paradigm

  1. a simple example used to illustrate an idea
  2. the most excellent example of a particular tool or technique
  3. a set of theories, methods, and standards of evidence
  4. a set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic role

Question 4

An insight problem is

  1. a visual problem
  2. a problem where people’s assumptions often block them from finding a solution
  3. a problem that involves deep spiritual insight
  4. a problem which is typically solvable in a step by step linear fashion

Question 5

Which of the following did not change between the Newtonian and Einsteinian/General Relativity paradigm:

  1. observers will agree on observations
  2. nature is describable with mathematics
  3. space is absolute
  4. space is unaffected by matter

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