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I. Requirements

Description of the Assignment

The assignment provides an opportunity for the student to:

  • Develop and leadership profile based on leadership style and personality profile
  • Apply their leadership profile to advanced communication situations
  • Develop strategies that will improve and/enhance advanced communication skills
  • Engage in reflective practice through writing

II. Preparing the Assignment

Preparing the Assignment

  1. Address all components of the Advanced Communication in Systems Leadership paper as outlined under “Assignment Directions and Criteria”.
  2. The paper is graded on quality and completeness of information, depth of thought, organization following outline provided, substantive narrative, use of citations, use of standard English, and writing conventions.
  3. Format:
    1. APA format, using most current edition, is required for citations and references in this assignment
      1. Required elements
        1. Title page, reference page
        2. Use Microsoft Word
        3. Page numbers, doubles-spaced, times new roman, 12pt font, 1″ margins, level 1 headings
        4. Paper length: 6 maximum, excluding reference page, title page, and assessment tool
    2. Scholarly sources
      1. Minimum of four (4) scholarly resources no older than 5 years
    3. Proof-reading
      1. Use spell check and grammar check and correct all errors
      2. Compare final draft to detailed outline directions to ensure all required elements included



A two-way flow of information, sentiments, ideas, and news enables individuals to generate and share meaning. This research examines leaders and personalities in the context of advanced communication circumstances (Oberer et al., 2018). An essential part of this study is a discussion of methods for improving communication and ensuring the message being given is appropriately received and comprehended.

Leadership Profile

Identify Leadership Style

According to the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid: Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire, the predicted people rating was 17 and the estimated task score was 16.5. After drawing a horizontal line from the predicted person’s score and another line from the projected task score, the lines crossed in the proper top box. This demonstrates my abilities as a team leader….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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