I. Requirements

Description of the Assignment

This assignment provides an opportunity for the student to

  • Assess organizational culture and climate within a healthcare organization known to the student
  • Analyze the organizational culture and climate for its strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Determine the organization’s capacity to provide a healthy, safe, person-centered environment for staff and patients based on it culture and climate
  • Reflect on the “fit” of personal leadership profile with the organization’s culture and climate

II. Preparing the Assignment


  1. Address all components of the Organizational Culture and Climate Assessment and Analysis Paper as outlined under “Assignment Directions and Criteria“.
  2. The paper is graded on quality and completeness of information, depth of thought, organization following outline provided, substantive narrative, use of citations, use of standard English, and writing conventions.
  3. Format:
    1. APA format, using most current edition, is required for citations and references in this assignment
      1. Required elements
        1. Title page, reference page
        2. Page numbers, doubles-spaced, times new roman, 12pt font, 1″ margins, level 1 headings
        3. Paper length: 6 maximum, excluding reference page, title page, and assessment tool
      2. Scholarly sources: Minimum of four (4) scholarly resources no older than 5 years
      3. Proof-reading
        1. Use spell check and grammar check and correct all errors
        2. Compare final draft to detailed outline directions to ensure all required elements included


  1. Physical Environment
    1. What is the visual appeal of the environment?

The organization has a Google-like look and has modern touches as soon as you walk into the lobby.

  • Is the environment guest friendly?

e.g. access to different locations within the facility, treatment areas clearly marked, waiting areas/lobbies are well furnished and welcoming, spaces large enough for groups (families, patients, and providers) to meet in privacy or quietness, dining facilities adequate for usage, etc.? ANS: Because of the COVID-19 rules, only employees can use the lobby. Any outside vendors who want to come in must have a pass and check in using a computer system in the lobby. When they leave, they must also check out. There are signs for waiting areas, stairs, elevators, bathrooms, and office spaces, and the whole office is well-furnished….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution at $10

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