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For this assignment, you will develop an 8-14 slide presentation with thorough speaker’s notes designed for a hypothetical in-service session related to the safe medication administration improvement plan you developed in Assessment 2.

As a practicing professional, you are likely to present educational in-services or training to staff pertaining to quality improvement measures of safety improvement interventions. Such in-services and training sessions should be presented in a creative and innovative manner to hold the audience’s attention and promote knowledge acquisition and skill application that changes practice for the better. The teaching sessions may include a presentation, audience participation via simulation or other interactive strategy, audio-visual media, and participant learning evaluation.

As you prepare to complete the assessment, consider the impact of in-service training on patient outcomes as well as practice outcomes for staff nurses. Be sure to support your thoughts on the effectiveness of educating and training staff to increase the quality of care provided to patients by examining the literature and established best practices.


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