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Research Essay (25%)

Students will write an eight-page research paper on a specific topic related to therapeutic intervention for children. The page count does not include the title page, abstract or reference list.
Your paper will review research from 8 or more peer-reviewed journal articles on original studies. In addition to the articles, you can include course readings and edited books by scholars. Because this is a research paper, parenting magazines, online sites (e.g. Wikipedia) and your personal experiences are not appropriate for inclusion.
After a brief introduction of the topic that ends with a “thesis sentence” – a description of what will follow in the paper – the essay should define terms/concepts, describe controversies/disputes, and why you chose to write on the topic. The main body of your paper should focus on a review of the literature/research, summarized under headings and subheadings as per APA 7th edition. A good research paper demonstrates an understanding of the key concepts and summarizes the main findings under categories and themes.
Before concluding your paper, you must discuss how the research findings inform the work of professionals who work with children (e.g., speech-language pathologists, early childhood educators). Students must make explicit connections between theories, research and practice. For example, if your paper discusses the impact of family separation on children’s social-emotional well-being, how does this influence teacher practices in the classroom? Additional research on strategies and interventions will strengthen your paper.
Assessment (Research Essay)
APA 7th edition guidelines: title page, abstract (on a separate page, between 150 and 250 words), citations and references, spacing, page numbers, running head, and headings/subheadings.
Quality of writing: Organization of ideas, style of writing, clarity, spelling, grammar, paragraphs that comprise three or more sentences, and no block paragraphs that run the length of a page.
Scholarship: Clear and concise
  1. Introduction

Behavioral problems are among the most common developmental problems among children. They are symptoms of internal psychological and emotional problems caused by an array of factors such as health impairment, social challenges among others. The common behavioral problems in children include autism spectrum disorder (ASD) which is the focus of this research essay.  Children with behavioral problems experience challenges in education, social interactions, and future professional development (Hillman, 2018). As such, they are often at a disadvantage in comparison with children without these disorders. This calls for intervention in terms of therapy to assist these children to effectively cope with their behavioral problems. Child-play therapy involving the engagement of autistic children in play activities is one of the effective therapeutic interventions (Blalock, Lindo and Ray, 2019). This research essay focuses on children With ASD in the US and how play therapy helps to manage the condition. The essay is based on the argument that play intervention improves social competence and problematic behavior among children with ASD in the US.

  1. Definition of Terms and Concepts

2.1 Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is defined as a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that involves impaired social interaction, communication, and repetitive behavioral patterns (Hodges, Fealko and Soares, 2020). ASD is associated with a number of emotional, behavioral, cognitive and social challenges. For instance, children with the condition exhibit disruptive behavior that places them at the risk of stigmatization and exclusion. Further, research has shown that ASD impairs executive functioning leading to deficits in working memory, behavioral and emotional control (Bui, 2022). These deficits are seen to increase with age, becoming worse in adulthood.

2.2 Child Play Therapy

Play therapy is a tool used to assist autistic children to express their inner feelings and relate meaningfully with others (Patterson, Stutey and Dorsey, 2018). Children are involved in play activities that they choose or are comfortable with. A play therapist builds a relationship with the child through play and becomes part of their world to help them fully become themselves. In child play therapy, the child is the center of intervention determining the pace at which it takes place….Kindly click on the purchase icon to access the full solution at $10

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