Identify and review a minimum of 5 original nursing research articles that relate to the practice issue and proposed intervention described within the PICOT statement. Sources should come from peer-reviewed journals and be current within 5 years. NOTE: literature reviews, chart reviews, and annotated bibliographies may not be used as they are not original research.

For each scholarly source reviewed, address the following criteria and document your findings on the Review of Scholarly Literature Table provided:

  • APA formatted reference entry for the publication
    • Purpose of the research study
    • Research methods used within the study
    • Study participants
    • Data collection methods used within the study
    • Study findings
    • Limitations of the study
    • Relevance to the identified practice issue and/or proposed intervention included in the PICOT statement


Practice Issue and PICOT Statement

The practice issue chosen is falls among elderly patients. The importance of this clinical issue to the nursing profession is that it will help nurses to minimize the rate of falls among geriatric patients. Besides, it will help to reduce re-admission rates among elderly patients due to health complications resulting from falls.
Among hospitalized elderly patients 65 years and above (P), does the use of exercise intervention (I), compared to not using an exercise intervention (C), leads to a reduction in fall rates (O) within 8 weeks (T)?
o Population and Problem: Patients aged 65 years and above
o Intervention: The use of exercise programs for elderly patients
o Comparison: Not using exercise programs
o Outcome: Reduced falls among patients aged 65 years and older
o Timeframe: Within 8 weeks….Kindly click the purchase icon to  purchase the full solution at $10

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