You will notice this collaboration café prompt is a bit different than what you have had in previous courses; however, you will follow the same guidelines used before with a couple of recommendations. The content for this assignment provides the foundation for the work you will be doing throughout the course and your final assignment – the Business Plan. It is important for your success that you have a workable and accurate PICOT question. Your instructor will be responding individually related to the formation of your PICOT. It is highly recommended that you respond to the instructor’s post to ensure you are on the right track. If you have further questions about your PICOT reach out to your instructor for additional help.

During this course you will be relating many of your discussions and assignments to your project proposal you anticipate completing for your practicum. Please introduce yourself to the class and instructor and include the following information.

  1. Description of the type of facility by which you are employed.
  2. Your current position and for how long
  3. Your prior experience in financial management
  4. Share the PICO(T) you anticipate using for the final practicum project.
    * (For review of creating a PICOT see the example below or watch the media presentation located in resources and announcements)
  5. What led you to choose this issue/topic? With whom have you collaborated, or will you consult about the issue at your facility?
  6. What type of expenses/costs would you need to consider in helping you develop a preliminary budget for your project?


Sunnybrook Health System has started the process for acquiring Magnet status. They have scheduled multiple planning and process meetings over the next year that require attendance of all staff. Staff must attend at least 70% of the meetings live. After three meetings, live attendance of night shift staff has been about 5%. There is concern that with the small amount of interest shown from this group, the benchmark of 70% for live attendance may be jeopardized. Currently, the meeting schedule is communicated to all staff via email and posted announcements. Suzie thinks an incentive of a free meal for live attendance might improve attendance of the night shift crew.

How could a PICOT be developed with this information?

P = Population – Describes the group upon which the intervention will have an effect.

   Ex: night shift staff

I = Intervention – What we want to do that is different from what we currently do; the thing that is going
to impact the population identified

   Ex. coupons for a free meal in the cafeteria

C = Comparison – Here the comparison is a before and after the intervention (incentive in this case)

   Ex: communication of scheduled meetings via email and posted announcements

O = Outcome – What we want to see happen as a result of the intervention. The outcome should meet three criteria: direction (increase, decrease, etc), a baseline, and a goal.

   Ex: increased mandatory meeting live attendance from 5% to 50%

T = Timing or Timeframe – When we expect to see the outcomes.

   Ex: over the next 4 meetings

Now you can create the PICOT:

Among night shift staff(P), will offering a coupon for a free meal in the cafeteria(I), as opposed to only email invitations and posted announcements(C), increase mandatory meeting live attendance from 5% to 50% (O) over the next 4 meetings(T)?


Hello! My name is____. I am a mom, nurse, and wife! I have the most beautiful 3 daughters aging 10 months, 6 years old, and 8 years old! I am also a crazy dog mom with 4 fur babies added in my farm! I have been nursing since 2015, starting with my ADN, and now working for my MSN! 
My current job is a hospital part time in the surgery department and part time in the medical surgical floor. I love taking care of patients, helping heal their health to get them better! I have been in the surgery department for a year and a half and have been a medical surgical nurse since 2016. 
My experience with financial management is from my previous job before my current hospital setting. At this smaller hospital setting I worked along with the nursing manager with the fluctuations of staff, patient census, and financial influence to manage staffing grid and working schedule.  PICOT- Medical City Hospital medical surgical floor is now in the process of adjusting patient acuity level per nursing staff ratio. As patient acuity levels change each shift, staffing amount should shift as well to….Kindly click the purchase icon to  purchase the full solution at $5