This assignment will be submitted in two parts: 

Part I: Submission of an original artistic representation of your perception on caring in nursing.  This portion of the assignment will be submitted below. 

Part II: Submission of the 1-2 page written paper. This portion of the assignment will be submitted on the next course page. 

You will receive one grade for Part I and Part II. 


Criteria for Content

Take a moment to reflect on how you demonstrate caring in your current professional practice.

  1. Create an original artistic representation of your perception on caring in nursing.
    1. Drawings must be original and hand drawn by the student. It is strongly advised that you sign and date your original drawing.
    1. Drawings should be formatted on an 8.5 x 11inch document and submitted as a PDF.
    1. Poems or short-story – Word document 1 page in length
  2. In a one- to two-page written paper, address the items on the assignment rubric.              

Preparing the paper

Submission Requirements

  1. Application: Use Microsoft Word 2013™ to create the written component of this assessment. 
  2. Length:
    1. The paper (excluding the title page and reference page) should be at least one but no more than two pages.
    2. Artistic representation submitted as a PDF or Word document
  3. A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature references must be used.

Solution(Contains only part 2)

Introduction Caring means displaying the act of kindness and being concerned about others. People care about their friends, family members, or even strangers who need help in one way or the other. Most people attribute caring to giving and helping people whenever they are faced with different problems. When a friend or family member does not have something and you help them with one, people will attribute this to caring. Offering services or making efforts to do something to an individual like helping them to drive when they are tired is also helpful. Caring was proven integral and weaved through the profession of nursing as the very foundation upon which the fundamentals and principles of nursing practice are grounded (Adams, 2016).  In the nursing context, caring is attributed to offering nursing services to a patient without biasness. Patients who come to the hospital premises require nursing care; but the services required vary depending with the….Kindly click the purchase icon to purchase the full solution (Part 2)at $10

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