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(Solved) NURS 430 Week 5: How Professional Nursing Organizations Support the Field of Nursing

Requirements Discuss how professional nursing organizations support the field of nursing and how they advocate for nursing practice. Explain the value professional nursing organizations have in advocacy and activism related to patient care. Solution Professional institutions and associations contribute significantly to the nursing profession. Nurses can promote ideas; generate energy, and motivation among themselves. The…

(Solved) NR505 Week 1: Evidence-based Practice and Implications for Nursing

Based upon your learning during this week’s lesson, consider how research and evidence-based practice shape nursing and healthcare delivery. Respond to the following: Why are research and evidence-based practice important for professional nursing? How do research and evidence-based practice impact quality and safety in the healthcare delivery? What is one example where research or evidence-based…

(Solved) NR533 Week 3: Touchpoint Reflection: Financial and Budgeting Principle

Reflection Information EXPERIENCE This week’s readings contained a great deal of information on financial and budgeting principles. Some of you may have had some familiarity with the concepts and maybe even experience in working with them. However, there is always something new to learn. Describe your prior experiences with financial and budgeting principles, whether personally…

(Solution) NR532 Week 7: Quality of Healthcare Assignment

Assignment Situation: You are the nurse executive of Ocracoke Regional Healthcare System. Due to increasing healthcare costs over the past two years, the board and stakeholders have determined the total-patient-care nursing model is no longer sustainable and must be changed. In addition, Joint Commission has just completed their visit. Ocracoke received two recommendations for improvement…

(Solved)NR505 Week 2: Using Evidence to Address Practice Issues

Revisit the practice-related issue of interest that you identified in the week one discussion posting, and respond to the following: Describe the practice-related issue and its impact on the nursing profession and/or healthcare delivery. How does this issue influence healthcare safety, quality, and/or health outcomes? What nursing intervention would you recommend to improve the issue?…